#1076 - Where is the Luxor Hotel & Casino located?

Where is the Luxor Hotel & Casino located?

The answer marked as correct is currently Paradise, Nevada.
Another choice, (Las Vegas, Nevada) would be marked as incorrect if chosen by the player.

If you Google Paradise, NV, Luxor does indeed fall within the outline of Paradise, however, on Luxor’s website, they list their address as Las Vegas. Not paradise.


Paradise is fairly unknown, and basically a part of Las Vegas (It’s technically not even a city). It would make sense to not bother putting their address as Paradise, because it would confuse people. Not sure about the legality, but that makes sense to me (Also Paradise not being a city might make it problematic as an address?).

The difference here seems to be mixing up the Las Vegas Valley and the City of Las Vegas.
The city of Las Vegas does not encompass the Luxor Hotel & Casino, Paradise does.

Although that place is within the bounds of the Las Vegas Valley as it defines the metropolitan area that Las Vegas, Spring Valley, and Henderson are inside.

I guess the question is technically correct but it’d be helpful to have some clarification, maybe being changed to “What city does the Luxor Hotel & Casino reside in?” or something along those lines.

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Google doesn’t decide city boundaries. You should use a GIS directly from the city/state.

Only problem is, as said above, Paradise isn’t a city, so that prompt would also be misleading.

For more details:

Agree. After watching that video and viewing GIS info, Paradise is an “Urban Town” within Clark County.

Is Luxor within Las Vegas? kinda sorta not really

Is Luxor in the *city *of Paradise? No. Paradise isn’t a city.

I agree with Science Bird and Sink. Change “city” to something else. Something like “Where is Luxor blah blah located?”. The answer would be Paradise, Nevada.

I would also like to suggest removing the Las Vegas option. It’s confusing in my opinion. People will say the casino is indeed within Las Vegas, and their website lists them as in Las Vegas.

Fair enough, I shouldn’t have used Google Maps to determine that. But yeah, the question seems a bit confusing considering the situation and should probably be rewritten.

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