#1039 - Nutella is produced by the German company Ferrero

The T/F question “Nutella is produced by the German company Ferrero.” is marked as false for being the correct answer.

This question is unnecessarily trap-like and unfair. One should not be expected to know where a company originates.

Ferrero is indeed the manufacturer of Nutella. One would think that the statement would be true. However, it is false since Ferrero is Italian.


I think questions regarding a company’s country of origin are fine if it’s clear that that’s what it’s asking for. As it is now, the question seems to be asking whether Ferrero produces Nutella, not where the company came from.

If you want to keep the original spirit of the question, you can probably change it to something like:

What country does Ferrero, the producers of Nutella, originate from?
a. France
b. Italy
c. Germany
d. England

Or you can change the question to ask if Ferrero produces Nutella. That’s an option.

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they just slammed 2 true or false questions into one go

Sounds like every exam I’ve taken since starting university. It goes without saying that questions like these suck :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi :snake:

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