100% Achievement

Add an 100% achievement unlockable for unlocking all the other achievements.

Once all the achievements actually work

EDIT: Also there are a lot more achievements to be added, so like Umbra said, probably a release thing.

I can only see this happening once the game is out of early access and when all of the achievements 100% work


Make it a 99% achievement. Once you unlock all achievements but this one, it unlocks. But at the next start the game realizes 100% of all achievements are unlocked and locks the 99% achievement again because it’s no longer accurate. Restart the game to get it back and restart the cycle.

On a more serious note, what exactly is the use of a 100% achievement? Sounds like a cool idea on paper at first but I see way more cons than pros.


I guess I’m a bit biased, but as somebody who likes completing things, getting an extra achievement for all the effort is always nice. Though it might be good to require a bit more than all achievements, you could make it require maxing out every game’s rank/milestones, and/or getting all the condos/upgrades/appearance items, so it’s more of a true 100% achievement. Maxing out achievements is sort of a reward itself, and might not warrant and extra one just for that alone.

The logic to me has always been: if you care about getting 100%, an extra reward is nice, if you don’t, its existence shouldn’t bother you.


The extra reward feeling is the only Pro I see. The cons would be: It’s redundant information. The display already tells you every achievement has been unlocked, 100% have been achieved. Then the game gets updated and the 100% are no longer correct but you still have the achievement. Not only do you not get it once you are back at 100% but it might also look like you cheated that one to some people.


That’s why the 100% achievement would be added once the game is released, so no new achievements will be added.

I agree it’s a bit redundant, that’s why I suggested it be for 100% game completion (Milestones, etc.) instead of just achievements.

A released game can still be updated and a 100% achievement, depending on how important its accuracy is to the developer, can be a blocker in adding new content later.


I’ve played this brilliant mechanic in my dream last night where players would pet Suki, I gotta wake up macdguy right now so we can take the necessary photos to make it a game mo… wait we can’t, the game is shipped with an 100% achievement that would become inaccurate.

The devs could just re-lock the 100% achievement for everyone every time a new achievement is added. That way you’ll only ever have the achievement when you actually have every achievement, and the devs can still add more achievements.

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I feel like that would sort of ruin the point of an achievement if what’s achieved could just be revoked. I don’t really see a need for a 100% achievement when you can get the same completionistic satisfaction of collecting your last achievement, whatever that may be.

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100% achievements I feel are more for single player games since they don’t usually get more content after release

For a game with so many achievements having a final 100% achievement would be a nice way to not only finish them all but also so you could showcase it on your Steam profile. Some other games have an achievement like this such as the Dark Souls franchise, Hollow Knight, Shadow Warrior, Hotline Miami to name a few.

To work around the issue with new achievements getting added having a solution like rrmm suggested with removing it from all those who have earned it wouldn’t be a bad way about it. With the achievements also being unlocked server side I think it might not be too difficult for the developers to do. Though it could be a bit of an annoyance for them to have to keep doing each new content update which includes achievements.

Maybe there could just be a bar in the collection book of the percent of achievements you have, since that way it wouldn’t be an achievement that would have to be removed each time another achievement’s added but still shows if you got all of the achievements.

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hollow knight has a 100% achievement but then new content was added so they kept it and added a new 112% completion achievement :slight_smile: