10 Questions about the early Alpha [10 Answered]

Answered: Its already out 1. What time on the 20th July?

Answered: Early Access 2. Will I get my items from gmt straight away, or in the full release? (or Early Access)

Answered: Early Access 3. Will I get my backer items straight away,or in the full release? (or Early Access)

Answered: Yes 4. Are we allow to record videos on it? or is the alpha supposed to stay a secret

Answered: Ball Race 5. What gamemodes will we have access to?

Answered: Only Basic things 6. What shops/items/hats/masks will we have access to?

Answered: Its already out 7. Are there any already known bugs from the devs?

Answered: Here 8. If I find a bug in the Alpha, where would I report it?

Answered: Not until Greenlit 9. How often will the alpha update? Will there be character wipes along the way?

Answered: Yes 10. I ran the UE4 tester, at the lowest I got manageable frames, does this guarantee my frames for TU?

Thank you for any answers :smile:

-11. Early Bird Gamer sold out, and I believe can’t get any early access from indiegogo, how about something for donors in gmod tower? Any Early Access?

1. The staff has not stated
2. During Early Access
3. During Early Access
4. We should be able to (Because Youtubers are going to)
5. The staff has not stated (I believe it will be Ball Race though)
6. The staff has not stated
7. Thats for you to find out
8. The bugs sections on the forums
9. The staff has not stated
10. Thats what it’s meant for.

Any questions I did not answer, an admin or someone else can answer ^.^
Or just improve on my answers

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Donors get exclusive stuff ingame.
There are still early access things from indiegogo (eg Gamer package) If you mean early Alpha, thats the $20 package

EDIT: I believe donors get a 10% off the steam version

Thanks @EnjoyCookies !

5 . Only Ball Race.
6. “basic customization” and “basic shops”. No idea which ones he meant
9. The alpha will not update at all until they are greenlit, so they can then handle the alpha through Steam

All these were answered in the improvised Q&A just a few minutes ago in GMTower with Mac

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Thank you @serjunpe!

I just realised the forum autocorrected the 5, 6 and 9 into 1, 2 and 3. Sorry xD