1,020 Ping?!

And I thought I got bad ping on some servers but this is crazy :sweat:
He had it for most of the game it was insane!


1,020 seems like this game’s “999” - it’s normal for it to show 1,020 upon first load, and if his actual ping was above 1,020, it would show 1,020.

Frankly, though, I’d take any ping display at this point in time with a grain of salt.

Yeah of course just though this was kind of funny because I never saw it go over 999 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dude, that’s unbelievable! A ping, of 1,020? Well done dude!
Wait, the bigger the ping the better right?

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No. Lower ping is better. If ping is 1020, I think it reacts after 1.02 sec.


You didn’t pick up the sarcasm :smiley:


1.02 second lol

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Some hardcore stuff for Veterans of Virus: Boss fight against the deadly monster who can teleport and one-hit turn you. Talking about tension in this game mode.

ping in ms = milliseconds

1,020 ping = 1,020 milliseconds = 1.02 seconds

Well my game says that that my Ping is 999 however its only like 250 ingame just a bug

All Game Worlds server have 999 ping when they have normal ping (Bug). But I can’t still play well Game Worlds server with +100 ping.

Ball Race is a hell, Virus weapons shoot with delay and Planet Panic is laggy.

The only Game World that I can join and play well is Minigolf

However, I’m waiting for optimization and fixed bugs at some point of the future :smiley:

Yes, the game not optimised that well just yet Mini Golf is less laggy but everything elce is more laggy
-RandommCraft :grinning:

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