(1.0.8) Jackpot Bug

I’ve tested the jackpot machine in the casino, without any Unit in account, and magic happened.
Even without units, jackpot machine works, despite the inscription

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Like it gives units? I’m confused what you mean by works

It’s not a bug.

Right now, in the current build, Jackpots machines don’t give any payout when you align the symbols.

Therefore, they’re free to use.

In a future update, however, they’ll cost 50 Units to play with and they’ll finally give you Units when you align something.

Here’s the trello board of the current state of the Casino:


*whispers *

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That it’s free.

Okaaaay. Tho, I didn’t seen any ‘‘Coming soon’’ sign near casino, I hope devs will add it.

Because it’s inside it.