[] Transaction failed (AGC offline) - bought multiple time the items in the cart

I wanted to by some items at a shop. After it said, that the transaction failed, i tried it a couple of times again, because i thought the transaction didn’t happen. But it happened every time so i bought things 4 times more than i wanted.

It is nearly the same error like this:

But with one difference: it wasn’t only doubled the items.

Details what happened:
So i had about 770k units (or 710k). I filled my cart with canvas items with a value of a little bit under 60k. Transaction failed (AGC offline). I added some more items (now the value at the cart was a little bit over 60k).
Then i tried it again multiple times (after waiting some seconds) until it succeed. Between the failures I didn’t watch at my current units.
After the transaction succeed I left the shop and suddenly saw, that I have only about 410k units. After some seconds (about 10 to 30 seconds) i got 60k back. So i had at the end 470k.

First i thought I lost the units.
But later I checked the items i have bought; Instead of for example 20 canvas cubes what i wanted i had now 100 canvas cubes more. So i bought accidently the items in the cart 5 times (and some items 4 times) instead of just once.
It looks like I bought it 6 times and i got it refunded for only one time. (So if you buy things double it is going to be corrected, but bying things 3 or more often after transaction failure only corrects it for one failed transaction)


i have this all the time! i find that no matter the value of the items but as soon as the item count is above 20 ish i start to have problems. I have also found it happens while fishing and then you dont get the fish or if it happens in arcade you dont get the tickets.