[] Quickly trying to use an item in an area where it is disabled causes connection loss

If you quickly try to use an item (such as guns, firework launcher, magic trampoline) in an area where they’re not allowed (Arcade, Casino, Theater, and Condos with permissions set) you will get the “Your connection to the host has been lost” error. The only way that to do this that doesn’t involve thirdparty software is binding Mouse 1 to the scroll wheel on a mouse, and then just letting 'er rip for a second or two.

Here’s a video showing it happening with the magic trampoline, with the mouse input shown on screen.


I’ve definitely been experiencing this for along time, at least as long as the milestone rewards have been in the game.

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Also, i found on automatic weapons like the Laser Minigun it does this too but you don’t have to spam click. I believe you can just hold down fire and get kicked.

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