[] Midori Broke

I just joined midori and this sh*t happened


It’s a feature!


New difficulty tag “Nightmare”.


Hi! Was there anything else weird about this ballrace session? What else was going on? I’m trying to reproduce this issue on my side and any reproduction steps would be appreciated thanks!

Things that also happened in that ballrace race session was that i couldn’t finish a level and that all death barriers were disabled which allowed me to walk on the floor of the map

Also, the platforms didnt move at all. But on how it happened i don’t know I joined a game of midori on level 4 and that just happened

Has this happened more than once? Or was this a one off? Sounds like maybe something went wrong with your connection to the host, but I’m not sure. Thank you for the info btw

Can confirm that it is can be a reoccurring issue. The platforms can stop. I’m not sure how it happened but It happened about twice.

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@Sketchman this appears to happen when the host and client fail to sync one another; my friend TeX was having network issues at the time if I remember.

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Did it happen in the middle of play or as soon as you joined?

Both occasions. Me and friends were playing from the start. It did happen eventually. It also happened again upon joining someone else’s server mid-session. You have less issues if you’re the host I believe.

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