[] Unselectable mesh "inside" large workshop items?

Just noticed this, so I can’t say how long it’s been going on, other than I recall it working fine before the 4.20 engine upgrade. Also, not really sure if it’s even be a “bug” but it still sucks for some really specific circumstances.

Basically, there are several large-scale items on the workshop meant for environmental scenery, such as mountains and skyboxes.
image image

These models commonly have a cube in their huge, empty centers that serve as a handlebar that make selecting and manipulating them easier from wherever they’ve been set down. Pictured below are the previewed workshop items from above.

But now observe:

This wasn’t always the case.

Using the mountains again as an example, one now have to go all the way to the edge and be within short, physical range of the mesh to select these items.

Did something with the engine change how geometry like this gets interpreted?

Edit: I just looked at the workshop page for the mountain item and found someone complaining of this exact issue the date rolled out.


I don’t have time atm to check anything but in case anyone would like to have a look, or mess around with it, here’s all the files for mountains;

I don’t know what the difference between the 2 blender files is ahha, but each object is separate for generating collision boxes(allowing you to build inside). Also, are the other Workshop houses etc. with collisions doing the same thing too? I haven’t checked.

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