[ / / /] Teleporters on Underwater not working properly, causing underwater bug

Was super happy about the underwater condo bug on 9.0.1 being fixed, but now it seems the teleporters in my condo are causing the same problem again.

It seems to just only be the teleporters, all the noclipping/elevator/airlock stuff is perfectly fine now. I never had the issue before 9.0.1, and wouldn’t have been properly able to test it after 9.0.1 because of the existing underwater bug, so I’m not sure when it started.

The glitch only seems to be a visual + audio effect, since it doesn’t trigger swimming animations or physics.

Oddly enough, moving into an air lock (without even finishing the cycle) will trick the game back into treating the underwater area normally. The same thing happens if you use one of the little air travel tubes.

(Hosted on my own condo, Build 4901962)


Still happening on 9.0.3

Edit: Currently hosting a public condo to ask people if it’s happening to them as well, or if it’s a host-only issue. Will edit my post again with the answer in a bit.

Edit 2: Bug does happen to people visiting the condo as well, not just the host.

Visitors to my condo are still reporting this as an issue, any info yet if it’ll be in the 9.0.4 patch?

I’ll put it on the list!

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Still unfortunately happening on 9.0.4, at least for me as a host.
Currently testing to see if it happens to other people too still

Edit: Happens to hosts and visitors alike still.

I found out that putting the teleporter target ~10m into the floor sometimes causes people using it to sort of vibrate out of the floor and remove the underwater effect.

Bumping before the thread closes.

Bumping before the thread closes

Don’t worry, we have removed the auto-closing thread feature.


Oh woops, was wondering why I hadn’t seen the message about it anymore and thought I was going crazy lmao.

Thanks Mac!