[] Water in underwater condo interiors

It seems like we sprung a leak in the underwater condo because it’s, well, underwater. Can’t enter any of the condos by elevator because I clip through them.


Having the same issue. It keeps clipping through.

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Very strange. I am investigating. :thinking:


Same issue! Just started today, never had it before.
For me it happened after noclipping from the surface to pod #2, which I haven’t had a problem with before, but it never took me out of the “underwater” mode where your vision is blue and you hear water effects. I kept floating to the top of whatever room I was in.

I tried cycling an airlock to see if it would trick the game into getting me out of underwater mode, but all it did was remove the blue screen tint, everything else stayed the same. Going in and out of noclip in the condo or outside in the water didn’t affect it, restarting the condo didn’t affect it, suicide didn’t affect it, and restarting the game didn’t affect it.

Edit: Two people in my condo were able to walk around normally while I was hosting it. I know one of them has the same build as I do, 4880595.

Edit 2: Joined another player’s underwater and was able to walk around normally! It seems to only ever affect the host, the person hosting that condo was having issues too. I also found that I was able to walk around normally if I sat down on something, but would start swimming again if I jumped or got any airtime from walking over edges.
When hosting my location was listed as “unknown” no matter where I went, and I noticed the same on this other person hosting.

Thanks for looking into it Johanna! ^^


Thank you for this post, this helps a lot.


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