[] Enlarged Model in Public Condos

Enlarged Model in Public Condos:

When I joined Public Condos (Theatre, Smooth Dirt and Art Studio) my model becomes ~x4 bigger (even with having a -2x potion on as well) and wasn’t able to change it. Even when leaving and joining the condo my player model was the same enlarged size. I even tried restarting the game and still had the same bug occurring. I tried other Condos (Condo, Highrise, Suite and Underwater) and my playermodel was its original size. This bug didnt occur in my own condos but others instead. Note: this bug did not occur every time but often

Theatre (Enlarged)

Smooth Dirt (Enlarged)

Underwater (Normal)

Highrise (Normal)

Condo (Normal)

House (Normal)

Suite (Normal)

Couldn’t post “Art Studio” screenshot due to it containing NSFW content in the background

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