[] Trapped on Hole 11 of Island

The game considers me in a state of being on a moving platform, preparing to dunk me in the water. But in reality I am on the edge of the platform, and I don’t fall into the water. So I am unable to hit my ball again. I cannot do anything until everybody has cleared the hole and the next one begins

I imagine it’s a simple boundary issue but it leaves you locked in place, unable to take your next turn

I had this same issue.

i think this is intensional because i have seen same thing on other maps

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this is intentional

I don’t feel like it is. It’s not the “I stopped moving” that’s intentional, it’s getting completely stuck on the edge.
It’s understandable to drop you in to the water, so you get a penalty for landing there and making you putt again. But I never fall it to the water, and am trapped there without control until the Hole ends. Platform sweeping back and forth for a solid minute without control

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