[] Multiple Bugs (Graphical, Item, Achievement, Minigolf)

Hey there! Just want to say I absolutely love the new update, it really helped with stability issues, the increased server size is great, and the new mini-golf map is wonderful.

I’d just like to report some glitches that have been hampering the fun for me though.

Graphics Glitches:

  • About every hour or so, the graphics for the game will automatically reduce to super low res and bug out putting random textures where they shouldn’t be. This is especially apparent in maps like the new Mini-Golf map where random patches of dirt will cover half a level to a point where I can’t see hazards, or my own ball. The only way I’ve been able to fix this is to restart my game as soon as the glitch occurs, which as you can imagine would get extremely annoying to do every hour.

Item Glitches:

  • In both the plaza and condos, randomly my equippable items will stop working (Superpower flight, confetti gun, pistol, etc). They just won’t work. The only way I’ve been able to fix this is to restart the game again.

Achievement Glitches:

  • Visiting Other Condo Achievement isn’t working still. I’ve visited at least 40 or so condos by now. So the fact that it doesn’t unlock visiting one condo just kinda gets on my nerves. I’m assuming the achievement for visiting multiple condos is the same way.

  • Also the playing piano achievement with an audience doesn’t work. I got five friends total in a condo and we all tried playing the piano with all of us standing around. None of us got the achievement.


  • The new Minigolf map has some weird issues with certain holes at random. Sometimes there will be a patch of air that just makes a ball be considered “out of bounds” despite it not being out of bounds, sometimes ball pathing will glitch and cause shots that should have been hole in ones to glitch out and stop right next to the hole despite it being a straight path guided by walls.

Thank you guys for the hard work!

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