[] Hot Tub working?

is the Wooden Hot Tub supposed to work or is it just decorative right now

What are you asking? It is not actually heated, if that’s your question.

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i think he’s asking if the wooden hot tub has any sort of functionality duh at the moment, such as sitting in it, or being able to turn it on in some manner.

I think it’s only in the normal hot tub that you are able to sit in at the moment.

it is possible to sit and turn on a lamp in the wooden hot tub and there is water but in the future it would be nice to see some like bubble bath

This isn’t a bug report, this is a suggestion

This isn’t a suggestion, like, at all.
It is more of a question about what level of functionality the hot tubs have.

Anyway at the moment you can use the bubble machine to make some bubbles for the hot tub, said item can be bought from the Songbirds store.
Sadly the bubbles will obviously fly all over the place since that’s how it’s made to work, but you can just pretend that the hot tub is actually making soap bubbles instead of blowing air into the water.

This is a suggestion, not a bug report.
He says himself that the hot tub works perfectly as it’s supposed to (sitting, changing lights) but he’d like to see a bubble bath feature.

The overall topic of the thread is still a question, which is why it would be in the question category.

If we were to base what the thread is about according to what a part of the newest comment says then that that would mean that the overall thread topic would constantly change all the time just because a part of the newest comment could be interpreted as something else.

It wasn’t in the question category, it was in the bug report category.
I’m not the one that switched it over

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