[ beta] Surface materials still stretch and canvas wall colors do not reset

This was supposed to be fixed in this update, but nothing has been changed as of yet (although it’s marked off on the Trello).

  • Colors of canvas walls still reset every time you load into your condo or reload a save.

  • Surface materials just stretch instead of tiling, rendering most materials useless.

I feel like this is the most important bug fix for this update, as it makes building anything in condos incredibly difficult.

I’m really confused by the canvas wall save issue, every change I make to my condo the canvas walls save. Can you go step by step on how to reproduce?

As for the stretching that was not fixed yet.

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I have canvas walls in my Smooth Dirt that are using surface materials and every time I load into my condo they’re all reset to the default color. This is after multiple saves.

I have tried this on the default condo as well and I get the same result.

How to reproduce:

  1. Start condo
  2. Place canvas wall
  3. Select texture and change color
  4. Save and reload
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Color as well as scaling.


What’s the scaling issue?

Using the provided materials any changes in texture scale reverts back to 1 next load in.


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