[] Shooting Mini Game hit registration


If the video preview does not play, try clicking here.

If you don’t want to see the nitpick, please skip to 1:15 in the video above.

Unfortunately, targets are too slow now. Even in the video, I slow down my aim but the targets do not come quick enough to keep a combo. I later down slow down my aim to the point that I can keep a combo. Is this new spawn rate intended?

This is reproducible!

If you shoot a target that is lined up with another target and you hit the target in front, then you cannot directly afterward shoot the target in the back.
If you try to do this, then your shot will make the hit sound but will not do anything.

This is also present when shooting balloons/ghosts that are about to disappear in Balloon Shoot (even though they have not actually disappeared yet).

Your shots also get blocked by other players, which can get pretty frustrating when the server has a lot of people. This is multiplied when the other players have big models and/or big potions equipped.


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