[] Pressing Escape saves setting but does not apply it

Pressing Escape while in the settings menu will

  • save the setting

but it will not

  • apply the setting

As a result, a user may be confused why their setting is on a different setting than what it says.
(A user may have a setting show up as Ultra but it will actually be on Low)


There’s a green button that popup at the bottom if you change anything (Apply & Save), you should click it first before pressing Esc.

I know this, but in the case that someone presses escape without pressing it and heads back they will find that their setting is set to the wrong option. This is really just a minor inconvenience and not a major bug.

You can easily work around this by simply going back to your settings menu, selecting the setting you wished to apply (which would most likely be the same setting).

The only people this bug really affects is those that change their mind and press escape after changing an option or two and don’t want to actually save their settings.


I can fix this.


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