[] Golf Morph Camera Speed Inconsistency

Taken from the General Nitpicking Thread

The right-click to drag feature on the mini golf morph milestone is too slow compared to the actual feature in the game world.

Here is an example of the bug in action:


According to @CarbonCopyCat ,

Depending on the map you use it on (plaza vs. condo vs. suite, etc.), you can either get the slow speed or the in-game speed.

I could not replicate this, but maybe this is the case for other people too.
However, this made me think that FPS might be one factor for altering the camera’s speed.

From this position:

This is how far I get at an uncapped FPS.
I went nowhere (less than 45°)

This is how far I get on 24 FPS.
I went much further (past 90°)


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