[] Tower Unite has issues with VR software and headsets

So, a long time ago, VR support was planned for the game. But I believe that was cancelled a while back- even though the game once had a version where you could technically load into VR with it.
I have an Oculus Rift S. When I boot a VR title through steam, the oculus software automatically boots up to prepare to run a VR game. When I boot Tower Unite, the oculus software thinks it’s about to boot a VR game. This means the Oculus launcher starts and, worse in my opinion, Tower Unite starts using the onboard microphone on my Oculus to recieve my mic input, not the headphones with a mic I actually want to use.
Is there any way to remove this to make it not happen? I’d really like to not fiddle with my cords and plugs to unhook my VR headset every time I want to play and be social.


I do have a solution for this, it’s the same way I handle playing Dirt Rally in desktop mode.

I made a batch file called disableoculus.bat and I pasted the following into it:

sc config OVRService start= auto
net start "OVRService"
if %errorlevel% == 2 net stop "OVRService"

Running the batch file will toggle Oculus services. Be sure to run as Admin, or it won’t work.

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I had this issue as well, what you can do is set it so the Oculus launcher will run as administrator and it should stop doing this.

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Oh, I should have figured it was a service. Thanks for the info! I’m used to fiddling with services because I have to restart it whenever my art tablets act fucky, haha

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