[] Christmas Tree (The regular one) and Christmas Lights are Broken

Ok so I was pretty excited for, not gonna lie, but these bugs are making my OCD’s go haywire and I hate it.

First off, the Christmas Tree:

The Poor thing has been stripped naked, robbed of its lovely circle base, and all that’s left is its lights which don’t even really wrap well around the tree proper. It was perfectly fine as it was before, and I’m not sure whether or not this change was intentional. But if so, why?

2nd, the Christmas Lights:

They don’t extend 100% to the target position, instead they spawn in long sections after a set increment of distance (somewhere around 250 units) but if you don’t reach those increments there’s a large gap of space between the end of the wire and the actual target point, which is quite infuriating.

Also, can you add in a setting for the Toy Train and Christmas Tree with Toy Train to turn down the sound? Its so loud and annoying after a while.


All reported issues are now fixed in

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Thanks Mac. I can always depend on ya to get the job done.

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