[] Visible out of bounds area

Pretty easy to miss it, but you can notice one distinguish area out-of-bounds area out there distantly.


huh, I’m surprised this hasn’t already been a thread, when looking I couldn’t find anything. I did make a post about this in a separate thread, but I assumed this was already a bug report.

That post you made is a completely different issue than this guy’s. You were mentioning how you can see the boundary if you fly high enough. This guy is pointing out that there’s some sort of object visible in the water off in the distance (probably the casino interior if I had to guess).

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Oh, is that the elusive square out in the water?


Indeed, I should have blurred even more the rest of the picture, move down saturation, and maybe point it out.


Casino interior is way far away hidden inside mountains. (Unless they’re changed room layouts yet again.)

This is probably Bowling/Trivia room, but cannot confirm neither check it, but iirc there is no holes as it is simply flat mesh.


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