[] Ice Issues

The secondary beach is completely ice-effect, making it very difficult to find hidden treasure.

Touching the icey water will cause you to be stuck sliding around until you happen to come to a complete stop. This also can be observed by walking off the top circle of the fountain (which also is playing the water noise)

This bug has been around ever since the Hallowe’en update, since the fountain was slippery in that one spot back then (for some reason)

The workaround to being slippery is to use the Little Crusaders ghost morph, as that morph does not experience the effects of friction.


That doesn’t sound very ice

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I came here to report this. so thanks for beating me to it.

Interestingly, it’s the snow that is slippery, not the ice.

But yeah, this sliding thing is pretty bad. It’s impossible to treasure hunt.

And, at least for me, once I start sliding, I keep going. I can start at the beach and end up in the lazy river without once touching my keyboard.

There are also places on the boardwalk that are slippery.

Hope it gets fixed soon.

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And this is why you salt the boardwalk properly before it starts to snow.


No no, you shovel and salt after the snow.

Hey, a cool minigame idea would be to have players shovel the snow in the Plaza to make getting around easier…

Didn’t want to make a duplicate thread, so I’ll post my more detailed findings here:

This problem seems to only occur when using potions (Any size changing potions as far as I can tell), and has 2 distinct effects:

  • The detection for whether you’re on ice or not gets confused, and you will randomly slip in and out of a “sliding” state regardless of your position on the map. This is frequently triggered by adjustments in your—or the ground’s—hit box. So if you crouch, or try to walk up a slightly steep slope, you’re likely to start or stop sliding.

  • This also tends to break your animations (Especially when switching/removing potions), where you’ll continue to do the slow walk/skate animation even when walking normally, and vice versa. There’s also some generally weird jittering, especially noticeable if you have floating pets.

Personally (When not using potions) the ice is a fun little thing in the plaza, so hopefully we can see these issues resolved as opposed to removing it entirely (As currently noted on the Trello).

the same issue with using a small player model also doesn’t track steps taken in the plaza for the 100,000 steps achievement

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