[] LC Market camping spot

Corner at the exit from the well. If the dragon faces the direction pointed in this image, the button will clip through the tunnel wall, making it unpressable.

I don’t really have anything against reporting the issue, but to be fair, camping in LC is kind of a useless strategy.

If the dragon just waits there (And the knights don’t try to kill them), the game will just end in a tie, or the knights will go get birb. Usually the dragon will want to actually win, so they’ll leave their spot before the game ends and chase the knights, I rarely ever see camping, and I’ve never seen it last longer than a few seconds.

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It’s more of a matter of just stalling/trolling games, especially if the camper is part of a group of trolls that would prevent votekicking from happening.


Plus whilst the bird is meant to counteract camping and such, I feel attempts of using it fall pretty flat usually :​/


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