[] Hat & Glasses disappearing when sitting

It’s been in the game for a while and I thought it got already fixed but it’s getting midly annoying to re-equip a hat or glasses cosmetic just to recover my cosmetics from the bug. Every time I sit anywhere, including Casino or Trivia, etc., my head cosmetics (including glasses) disappear while siting and while getting out of the seat, I have to re-equip the cosmetic to make everything look how it’s supposed to.


99% sure this is the issue where when you sit the offsets for the hats reset to the default model ones meaning if your character has a big head like mine or that one the hats shrink into the head

It’s the biggest thing about playing in the lobby that upsets and annoys me so much, since my character has a head that is 2x bigger than normal, I have been dealing with it since workshop came out
If you manage to position your camera in your head the hats are probably in there

I’ve reported this bug about 3 weeks ago.

Mac said himself he’s working on a fix as he posted into this thread about 3 weeks ago.

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