[] Zombies in ZM get stuck on (Not inside) objects

I haven’t seen quite this issue reported yet, so I thought I’d mention it.

(This is a different issue:)

The tight geometry of Village means the zombie AI can get a tad confused. Mainly, they seem to get stuck on certain objects, either running into them trying to go through, or just waiting patiently behind them until you go close to them.

This is often the cause of singular zombies being left over for you to go find. I’m out at the moment and don’t have screenshots (I may add some later), but the specific spots I observed this were:

  • The picnic tables in the camp/fire pit area of the map (This one is common)

  • The log along the left side of the map

I don’t recall this happening much if at all on other maps.

actualy, it happens to other ZM maps ive encountered

however, at the boss wave on gasoline and compound, theres always one Zombie alive yet you don’t know where it is, they’re pretty much hidden, forcing me to quit the game

but it happens randomly tho

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