[] Minor Bugs that don't Warrant a topic

Wanted to knock of f a couple bugs that are simple and not very significant but could likely be fixed fast. Some recent, some old.

  1. The High Stakes Poker music plays on every table except high stakes itself.
  2. Plaza Minigame payout boxes have (Very Easy) tagged after then.
  3. You can hop off other ball race orb morphed players while in plaza.
  4. After playing a Plaza Minigame, you cannot use your hotbar items until you update the hotbar itself (taking/placing item)
  5. You cannot join an invitation from a friend while in a game/plaza/condo, attempting exhausts the invitation.
  6. Sometimes, you cannot redeem a redeemable in your condo, putting it away and placing it again works around this.
  7. Using your controller to ready up in a Game World toggles the ready status but not the checkmark.
  8. Getting off the rollercoaster during the tube section gets you stuck.

I might use this more for short-desciption bugs.

  1. Folding while being the last player causes the money to be lost forever. It should end prematurely when one player remains before the betting ends.
  2. While in ragdoll mode, hitting a floor fast lets you clip through it.
  3. Controller input is taken into the game while the window is not the current focused application.
  4. RC Ball Race Orb’s hitbox is larger than the model is, allowing it to climb on walls and cling to ceilings with fast enough jump inputs.
  5. You can use a doorway/fast-travel and quickly use an RC toy during the transition, and the RC toy will be teleported instead.
  6. While in the Ball Race orb, the game can fail to update models/players once you leave the point you applied the morph.
  7. Using RC toys or the Minigolf Ball allows the user to float in air, and it looks buggy on other player’s ends.
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I couldn’t help but giggle inside from this extension off of Bug 2. It might be more than this.

  1. Using a morph while waiting for a bowling game causes the bowling game to glitch out and skip the apply spin segment and throw the ball immediately. Entering ragdoll mode just before the bowling lane starts also works.
  2. Sometimes, the bowling alley media player will get stuck playing something 3 hours 50 minutes out of 10 hours and the problem applies locally. You cannot skip or add media.
  3. Potion sizes and model sizes affect hitboxes in fruit frenzy.
  4. The sparkler makes ding noises locally in places where it’s not usable, others will not hear it, and it also plays its ambient noise despite use permissions.
  5. On a laggy server, you can press the Use key (E) fast enough to make two use inputs (or more) in one server tic, resulting in odd results for plaza games. Bowling generates zombie 0-player games for example.
  6. The middle part of the escalator at the subway has no friction.
  7. The lazy river section above the subway has no water at the bottom.
  8. When you change the selected hotbar item after using an infinite emote, the same infinite emote cannot be used again until you move or pick another one.
  9. Using the Golf ball morph or an RC toy while surfacing out of water causes the water rippel state to persist. Killing yourself works around this issue.

Good stuff right here.

I also apologize, I got bug 7 backwards, I fixed the sentence.

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the morph with bowling has been reported before

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