[] Why is my spotlight's light is too powerful?

Left one: What it looks like when you rejoin to any condo with the spotlight placed before.
Right one: What it looks like when you place the spotlight from the inventory.

How to Reproduce the bug.

  1. Place a spotlight anywhere without changing its setting. (Right spotlight in the picture)
  2. Rejoin the condo.
  3. Check and see if the spotlight looks like on the left spotlight in the picture.

That’s not how you use crash dumps…

it’s changed to bug report now

This happens with the siren as well. The light spins normally, but turns into a giant glow after changing properties or reloading.

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I have identified three bugs in this thread:

  1. The light radius resets on condo rejoin. This appears to be a side effect of a different bug, not specific to any item, where the last property change is not saved until an item is moved in the condo, which triggers a save. Can you verify if this works @Nattakit_Chachom?
  2. The cone angle of the spot light correlates to the light radius. This is not really a bug, but it is not as I intended the radius parameter to behave. After the coming patch, I will add a cone angle parameter to spot light items, so people have control over the radius and the angle independently.
  3. The emergency light turns into a very bright point light after changing parameters or reloading. This happens because the true brightness value is not actually applied to the point light when it is spawned, but it does get applied after changing parameters or reloading. I will work on a fix for this after the coming patch is released, so the point light will be proportionally less bright than the actual beam.

@Madmijk I’d also like to add in that currently the Chandelier light immediately breaks when adjusted in any way as well. If you’re willing would you take a look at it too?


Will do. I might as well go over all lamp items when I get to it.

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