[] Altitude Hole 17 fake wall OOB

Altitude 17 (not to be confused with the fake wall on hole 18) has a fake wall that can put the player out of bounds. Please see the following video for more information.

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I’ve had this problem before, but although it’s hard to see, it looks to me like it’s just going over the wall, not through it.

Indeed. you do go above the wall. However, this isnt really fair.

Eh, I disagree. You’re meant to just get lightly knocked into the boost by the arm and be sped through the path, going full power right next to it will take you faster than the intended HIO route, and thus send you out. Seems clear to me, but it’s happened to me before and I get it.

It’s subjective, so there’s no right or wrong, but it’s less of a bug, and worst case scenario… a design flaw? I guess there isn’t really a forums section for that.

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yeah this is pretty annoying, almost got a hole in one on this stage but bounced out from too much speed.
you could say that’s part of the challenge, but 90% of that stages challenge is trying to get the shot just right so that you land in the HIO part.

would like to see it fixed; something like a little roof or increasing the wall heights around the starting section?

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