[] Altitude - Mini Golf (Woodlands version)

Hello all,

New version of Altitude hole 18.
Your ball can pass straight through the backstop behind the hole of hole 18, resulting in an out of bounds. Seems a bit hit and miss this, but you are more likely to do this if you bounce the ball off the right boundary so that it passes the hole on the left side (when looking towards the hole).

The ball will also pass through the boundary if you play from the 1st jump (over the blimps) down the right side (when looking towards the blimps). This happens about a third of the way around the curve.

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Hello Again,

Also in Altitude the hole in 1 achievement for hole 1 is broken - I haven’t got this but I have had holes in one -

It is also possible to fail to get a hole in one even though the ball has gone down the ‘hole’ in one :confused:


While on the subject of holes in one and achievements…

It is possible to hole in one Treasure Cove 4 and 12 - but there is no achievement for these. 12 is only possible after the recent changes, not sure if 4 was previously.

Any chance these could be added?

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