[] Condo physics items do not drop properly and are difficult to interact with

I have set up this chess set several times without issue (as well as placing different types of custom physics models).

Right click to drop is acting like left click to throw. It’s like my guy has sweaty hands. I think this might be limited to workshop physics items, as I didn’t have an issue with a beanbag the same way as custom models.

But trying to pick either of them up is unreliable. The hitbox disappears and reappears constantly and is at odd spots (I took my hand off the mouse and keyboard at the end of the bean bag video and it still fluctuated). And as you can see, they get sent flying at the slightest touch. At one point I just turned my camera and sent an item across the room. I’m a pretty tiny character model and it sets off before I get near it (should’ve captured 3rd person of this but I didn’t think of it sorry).

Do you happen to have the pool noodle in your hot bar?

Oh my god that fixed it thank you.

…I can’t stop laughing at the idea of trying to play giant chess with a pool noodle in hand.


Good to know! Yeah, I figured that was the case because someone reported weird collision issues when they had the pool noodle equipped. We’ll be making a patch very soon.


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