[] Sound stuttering and lag

Ever since the Fishing update came out, I’ve been having this problem with my audio. Here’s a sample of the audio stuttering while standing in the plaza lobby. This happens not only while in-game, but in the main menu as well.

Aside from that, my game gets incredibly laggy when I try to move around and the audio stuttering becomes worse.

With a friend we’ve been trying to troubleshoot this issue and she pointed me out to this old thread. I tried the -nosound fix posted there and surprisingly, the game runs just like it did before the update, with no lag (albeit no sound, obviously).

Now, the laptop I play on is a little underpowered (CPU is AMD A10-5745M, 2.1GHz), but I was able to play just fine before this update (As long as I didn’t go into servers that are too crowded).

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