[] Backend went down mid transaction. Transaction failed but lost 685k units

Yesterday during the glitch where everyone’s money was dropping to 0. I (stupidly) tried buying several condos (Art Studio, Theater, Resort and Highrise) which equaled up to 685k units.

The backend went down mid purchase and my units dropped to 0, the transaction timed out but when my units came back. I went from 800k units to 100k, but none of the condos were unlocked. I waited a day to see if maybe it would refund me the units or add the condos to my account but nothing.

I went back and tried buying the Art Studio condo again today, and it worked this time. But it took an additional 20k out of my account, is there anyway to get these units back? or am I out 685k?

Hope you get it back buddy, good luck.

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