[] Not getting plaza xp nor plaza minigame xp

Despite being connected to the backend, I’ve had a weird issue with both of these as of late.

Plaza xp barely ever registering, and now minigame xp not registering, despite not being afk, and being connected to the backend.

I’ve been getting xp drops, but said drops haven’t actually been filled with uh, any actual xp.

(plaza xp is registering at the time of making this report, and minigames arent anymore. I have no idea why. I’m so confused.)

the plaza xp has been working for me but doesn’t always have a pop up :woman_shrugging:

yeah, I’ve been getting pop ups and they seem to vary wildly in when they actually want to register. its, very odd, espeically cause minigame xp works now?

I’m very frustrated I also have the popup but the xps never update in the book, even when the backend is connected.

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