[] Milestone Item Bugs: Plasma Rifle, Monster Potion


Two Bugs I’ve found with some of the new Milestone items. Did a quick search and didn’t see another report.

Virus Milestone: Plasma Rifle

  • Plasma Rifle runs out of ammo. This occured with the 9mm as well, so other Virus guns may suffer from same bug. Laser audio still plays when ammo depletes but nothing fires.

Also, would it be easy to make it so even though ammo is infinite we can still play the reload animations for these guns when we hit reload, similar to how the confetti gun’s flip animation works? Some of those reloads are smoothly animated. If not they are fine as is.

Monster Potion

You guys have been doing a great job refining this update, and its come a long way since it launched. Keep it up!

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next patch

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Didn’t even see. Shoulda checked the trello, thanks!



You can flip the confetti gun?

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press r

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