[] Condo exit to lobby doesn't work

Trying to use the condo front door to return to the lobby doesn’t work. I use the displayed command to exit to the lobby, the view darkens, then returns and I’m still inside the condo, at the front door.

which condo is this in?

I think they mean the ‘condo’

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This normally only works if you opened your condo from a lobby, but not if opened from the main menu. This should probably be changed to just go back to your last lobby, otherwise it can be confusing.

I’d originally entered the condo from the lobby, but had to use the menu to get back to it after getting stuck in a spot in the back yard. Haven’t been able to get back to the lobby after the most recent upgrade.

this happens due to you joining your condo without joining any available lobby first. whenever you select “go back to lobby” your game checks to see the last lobby server that pushed you into your condo. i’m assuming that if there isn’t any available lobby that meets that criteria, it just won’t do anything.


this oversight could be fixed if there was a “preferred lobby server” option, which could put you into a server that you preselected

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