[] Typing Derby impossible word

I was playing Typing Derby alone, when the ending word was a blank word, that I could not get past. No key presses were considered incorrect, and pressing space did not let me past it.

The prompt was about aliens, with a character speaking about their dining room. The end was ‘if worst comes to worst, will kill them all",’ directly after being the impossible blank word.

EDIT: Amazingly, I played again and immediately encountered the bug again, which allowed me to record it!

Here is a link to the video, which may not be live yet, as I’m uploading it as I type this: https://youtu.be/-I6KjKDPCP4

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After encountering it again, I played a few times, and did not encounter it at all. In between the two encounters, I did nothing but type this post up and play a single game of Target Practice.

In between the successful game and the recorded encounter, I did nothing except upload the video and edit the original post, so no restart was required to fix it.

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This is currently a known bug and a potential fix for it will be in

Ok, thank you!

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