[] Surfing tied to Framerate


I have noticed that the surfing efficiency is been tied to the framerate, meaning that surfing doesn’t work well, if at all, once the framerate reaches lower then 60 fps. This affects the host with multiple players or someone with a low-tier rig

Dunno if the video makes it clear, but it can be reproduced by setting the fps limit lower and pressing the direction on a ramp.

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Interesting, simply being host or guest also affects it in a similar way as I reported linked below. I know however In my example the FPS wasn’t what affected it, in fact I had more FPS in my friends condo and it failed regardless.
Just thought I’d add that here as the issue is somewhat related.



Wait… YOU CAN SURF?! Since when? I knew they were adding source-like movement but I didn’t know it was out. Well damn. I guess I just missed it in the changelog :smiley:


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Oh nice! I saw it on a dev stream like a year ago


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