[] Items from Tower Express not Showing Up


I bought 5 NPCs from Tower Express, but they never showed up in my inventory, in-game. I refreshed my inventory, restarted the game, restarted Steam, none of which have worked. The NPCs show up in my Steam inventory, but not my in-game inventory, and I’m down 50k Units.

Edit: I also tried buying one directly from Rob’s, but that just took my units again, and didn’t give me an NPC.


There are 6 NPCs in your Steam Workshop, so it appears your game is having a hard time connecting to Steam, as it’s unable to tell your game that you have these items.


Seems so. When I tried to restart Steam a second time, I was logged out, even though I’ve had it set to remember me for a while now. I couldn’t view my profile as myself earlier either. Any idea what the problem could be? This has only just started today, and it’s only with Steam.