Outdoor lighting seeping into house / other lighting issues?

The house has weird lighting for night and day as well- in my attempts to make the light not seep into my house I realized that no matter what I did, every time it was fine in the house, outside was PITCH black.

Outside, with the same settings I took the screenshots above:

BARELY a notch down on the night/day scale:

now it looks fine when i’m inside the house at this time of day for some reason?

I must live in darkness to make my home look nice :frowning:


What setting is your shadow setting on? I believe if you aren’t on ultra then it’ll seep through.

Ah okay, that fixes it, bummer that I can’t stay on low graphics haha.

But it didn’t fix the second thing I showed where it gets super dark outside when you are outside, but looks normal and see-able while looking from the inside.

that’s a post processing issue, because you have it on low.

low post processing: very noticeable changes in screen brightness when walking inside to outside / vise versa

anything above low post processing: really dark, but also too bright / saturated / vignette / high contrast / strange instagram filter on your screen that makes it feel like you’re playing tower through a dirty camera lens

My post processing was on high with all of these images. Putting it on ultra has provided the same results.

I can confirm this. The lighting completely changes (almost like a blink) when I leave the house immediately, not in a natural way.

I have everything on Ultra.

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weird. for me anything above low makes the game looks very weird, and the only problem i have with the low setting is the issue that you’re showcasing. :confused:

It isn’t like, urgent, it just sucks that it looks normal outside when you’re inside the house but then gets way too dark to look good without lights. (And I realized after I posted this that I posted two bugs in one, sorry! Maybe it doesn’t count since the first one isn’t a bug.)

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