[] Workshop Model fails to load immediately

When joining a Plaza or a Game Ports server, my Workshop model doesn’t load right away (I get the default crystalline model, aka the “loading” model)
To fix the issue, I have to change to a different Workshop model and change back. Just changing to a default model and re-applying the workshop model doesn’t seem to fix it. In Game Worlds, sometimes I appear with no model at all and all of my equippables just appear where my feet would be. In this situation, I can’t always use the Appearance tab so I have to play the game just with no model.

It may be related to my longer than average loading times while joining a server.

Possibly related: I loaded into a Plaza server with the masculine model, but at the correct size and with items in the correct location for my model, but the model itself just didn’t show up.

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I’ve had an issue where my player model and others fail to load on their initial load attempt. While you’re waiting for a fix, I recommend trying to press ‘k’ instead of applying different workshop models if you haven’t already. Ragdolling and respawning usually fixes the issue for me, and sometimes when others do the same it allows my game to update their model.

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