[] Wearable Items Becoming Smaller

So I noticed that there is a fix on trello coming out for an issue where player models with smaller scales are becoming large in seats. I just wanted to add onto my issue I’ve had that is somewhat similar to this, just to make sure the fix will also fix the issue I am having.

This has happened to me at the bowling alley and casino. For bowling I start up bowling and once I play through it all, my characters appearance items are much smaller and morphed into my model. This happens too with seats (Casino) also like the issue you are fixing in the next update. This is also happening to me because I have a small potion on so I am not sure if that might be the main culprit of this issue.

So the issue involves workshop player models, small potion, seats/bowling/etc. Below is some images to help explain.


As you can see from this image, the backpack is inside my model and my crown isn’t showing at all, its inside my head. Below is what it is supposed to look like.


Just wanted to make sure this is part of the fix for “Fixed player models with smaller scales being large in seats” Thanks!

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