[] Canvas walls lose rotation

Weird bug, I placed 10x scaled canvases walls in my condo surrounding my highrise on the outside, when i reloaded my condo, the walls lost all rotation and ended up like this.

help me im stuck

Does this still occur?

This happened to me as well. All canvas walls in my condo stood upright on load. But I think it only happened after the game update from to I can’t repeat the problem by simply reloading my condo and it only happened after the update.

There was a small patch I did that fixed canvas walls (they were rotated 90 degrees off). You might have to rotate them back 90 degrees.

oof, Dribbit you gonna have to fix it yourself, or else you will be a supreme weiner

Ok seems to be fixed for me, had to replace every wall again tho :frowning:

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