[] Bug Collection of stuff I've noticed so far

I’m gonna keep adding findings to this list

Don’t know if these have already been reported and I honestly can’t be bothered to check but I still want to report them…

Feel free to make a thread of one of these bugs if you know they haven’t been reported yet and should be discussed further.

*If you open the workshop menu and click on a category (Favorites, Subscribed) very quickly, it wont actually load the items from that tab but load the ones from the default tab first, even though you’ve selected a different category. The category is not applying if you use it too quickly basically.

*If you tap the jump button once, very short, while having the jetpack equipped, then instantly fling yourself up with the trampoline, you will go up infinitely even though you are not using the jetpack. Is this because the trampoline multiplies the current force or something which in this case is a constant one due to the jetpack? Your gravity basically becomes negative… (because you still have an upwards force applied while being able to fling yourself around freely with the trampoline) with this, so using the trampoline again allows you to fly around like a ghost (almost like noclipping)

*Custom models can clip into plaza activities such as trivia or typing derby. (Maybe make models invisible or disable them temporarily if they go inside the play area or something?)

*There sometimes is a chat bug where your messages don’t get send. After a while all of these messages, which didn’t get send before will be sent at once, with your next message. One after another, making it look like you’ve sent multiple messages.

*When you enter the bowling alley, you will see default player models in all sizes bowling on each lane.

*You can clip into the monorail at spawn (Don’t know if it only works with custom models…)

*Music in the plaza can randomly stop playing

*When you go to your inventory and try to close the menu with ESC, the menu wont close unless you mash it a lot of times (Clicking on RESUME still works)

*When you sit down on the deck chairs (at the camp fire in the plaza for example), the rotating of the camera is broken, it wobbles to the left and right. Made me feel a bit nauseous barf.

*The small flying turtles and ghosts sometimes get stuck in the air and just get left behind from players

*Custom workshop player model often doesn’t load in when entering a new server, so you have to switch the player model to be actually able to see it.

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I know you want an easy, one-stop spot to see all the bugs you’ve found, but it’s actually better for organization if each bug is in its own thread as opposed to one megathread.


These are all the bugs I’ve noticed. The workshop model loading, camera angle on reclined chairs, and ESC not working to close the pause menu have got to be the most annoying. Workshop model loading tops the other two imo.

yee i know but i really can’t be bothered tbh. sorry lol

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