[] Light switch is in the incorrect position whenever toggled

This bug has been around for a long time and I kept forgetting to make a report on it.

The switch should be lit up in the dark as it is, but it should tilt in the other direction.

Note: All light switches do this in all condos.


I’m not really bothered by this.

It’s a bug, nonetheless.

Wouldn’t the easiest solution be to just flip it upside down?

Yeah it seems whoever put it there didn’t have it rotated the correct way. I don’t consider this to be a bug because it still functions as expected.

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How is that the incorrect position? The top part pokes out when a light is on, the bottom part pokes out when the light is off. This is how a light switch has always worked in the UK.

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i can confirm that statement above after staring at my light switch then my light

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So it’s not a bug, the Condos were just built by UK contractors.


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