[] Inside the Plaza Condo Hotel you can get stuck in a room with no exits and have to disconnect and reconnect

Going up the elevator to the higher floor of the Tower above the train station, you can jump over the railing in between two rows of condos, and end up stuck in this area with two large glass pane windows and no exit, forcing you to have to disconnect and reconnect to get out.

If you get stuck, you can press K to ragdoll and respawn at the Transit Station.
To prevent this happening in future, buy a Jetpack from Rob’s Imports and equip it by dragging it to your hotbar. Jumping with it equipped lets you fly up into the air.

I honestly don’t get why they chose to keep this single floor, though. Why not replace it with something less immersion-breaking?

Johanna has said she’s open to ideas as to what should go there.

Just press K, or buy a Jetpack.

Thank you, I did not know about this

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