[] Pure 'white' condo walls get overwritten between snapshot loads

When switching between condo snapshots, walls that have their color value set to pure white will not carry over between snapshots.

For example, here we have Snapshot 1. On the left is a pure white wall, and on the right, a wall that’s had it’s color value adjusted every so slightly. This is the state in which the condo snapshot is saved.

We have now loaded Snapshot 2. It makes every wall yellow.

Now loading Snapshot 1 again, only the off-white wall remains. The pure white one doesn’t remain, staying the color of the previous snapshot’s wall.

This is super annoying since every wall, floor, and ceiling texture’s default appearance is at white. For example, I have one condo configuration that’s tastelessly made everything yellow, and another that’s more lavished and realistic with all the textures set to default white. If I load the yellow one, I will have to recolor every surface back to white when I switch back.


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