[] Plaza: Various Mapping Errors

There’s several of these I’ve noticed in my time at the Plaza so rather than make a ton more threads here’s all of them in one. Apologies if any of these were known previously.

These two sections towards the ceiling in the High-Stakes Poker room are offset

This wall panel and the one to the left of it in the hallway to the high-stakes poker room have holes

Above the unopenable doors at the back wall of the casino’s main level there’s a hole (both left and right side doors have this bug)

Tower Rooftop
These three roof sections appear to still have snow textures on them

Condo Lobby
Room 112 has a visible black wall that differs from the other rooms when lit-up. Not sure if the 2nd level room directly above it has this same issue but no other rooms I’ve seen seem to have this when lit-up.

Thanks for the report. I’ve logged these issues down.

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