[] Has the look of some virus weapons been changed?

If not then what shall I do?

I don’t get what you trying to show me

But the one in the pic i attached is so different

And what about the Double Barrel

It’s a weapon redesign.

I believe what Vaibhav is asking about is the odd looking textures on the double barrel. I’m not sure that’s an intentional look for it.


im refering to the pistol, but ya the double barrel looks a bit messed up.

That would be a bug i suppose then. My drivers are up to date

Anyone remember no texture Tommy?
(The Tommy gun used to have no textures)

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the double barrel shotgun used to load 1 shell when there was 1 shell left in the gun, now it just does the 2 shell reload all the time

I believe this is a material issue. I’ll move this to bugs and start fixing it.